Шипунова Елена Юрьевна

" Вдохновение - это воздух, которым я дышу.
Inspiration is the air I breathe."

I spent my childhood in Yaroslavl area, in the countryside. The beauty of the surrounding nature inspired me and aroused love for painting/art. I examined with admiration reproductions of pictures of famous masters and dreamt of becoming an artist myself. The dream came true owing to my studies in Extramural Folk University of Arts (ЗНУИ), Moscow. I worked as an art teacher in a rural. Then I moved to town and founded an art-studio for children. Together with my pupils I got acquainted with artworks of great artists and I created my own projects in different styles and techniques. A collection of 200 works was created in the style of popular artists from Renaissance to modern art. Love for diversity and search for my own style aren’t over. I started to oil paint 5 years ago. Nowadays everybody - young and old - is fond of oil painting! I was a participant of several international exhibitions in Moscow (ArtPlay and the Central House of Artists). A significant event was taking part in the exhibition VOX ANIMAE 2018 in Italy, the town of Pavia. Love for Italy inspires me and gives ideas for new pictures. An exciting journey into the world of art continues!


Огни мегаполиса
Le luci della metropoli
Pittura acrilica 2017 - 40х50
Утолить жажду
Pittura acrilica 2019 - 40х50
Потерянный рай
Il paradiso perduto
Pittura a olio 2018 - 50х60

Ночные звуки
Suoni notturni
Pittura acrilica 2017 - 40х50
Маки / I papaveri
Pittura a olio 2017 - 40х30