Эдуард Дунаев

" Благодаря игре света и тени я увидел какой красивый и многогранный наш Мир. Grazie al gioco di luci e ombre, ho scoperto quanto è bello e poliedrico il nostro mondo."

I started my first steps in the artistic career not so long ago. I am an engineer, the CEO of an enterprise, the father of three children... I took my children to the class in the art-studio every Saturday. I watched my children creating something while learning the styles of great artists and I took the decision to try my hand at painting. The art teacher supported my intention. And it all began with portraits in “dry brush technique”. The whole process resembled a wonder! I got so engaged that my love for painting resulted in 30 portraits of family members, acquaintances of mine and my favorite screen actors. Then after a year I got the desire to paint a picture in oil. The first attempt encouraged me and turned to love for this kind of art. I have painted more than 50 pictures in different genres: portraits, landscapes, fantasy...
The year 2018 became the year of my participation in exhibitions.
VOX ANIMAE - 2018 Italy, Pavia - a participant;
“My Italy”-2018, Moscow - a laureate
“I am a great artist”, Russia, Podolsk - the winner.


Сказочная река
Il fiume favoloso
Pittura a olio 2019 - 50х60
Революция 1789 год. 14 июля.
La rivoluzione del 1789. 4 Luglio.
Pittura a olio 2019 - 50х70
Воин Света. Битва за Четвертую Планету.
Il guerriero della luce. La battaglia per la quarta pianeta.
Pittura a olio 2019 - 60х80.

Разговор о сущности бытия
Il discorso sull'essenza dell'essere
Pittura a olio 2017 - 70х50
Мышонок Десперо
Тopino Despereaux
Pittura a olio 2017 - 70х50
Водопад в лесу
Cascata nella foresta
Pittura a olio 2018 - 30х40